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An Italian and a Greek were arguing about which country added the most to civilization.

The Greek: We built the Acropolis!
the Italian: We built the Colloseum!

The Greek: We gave the world advanced math!
the Italian: We made the Roman Empire!

The Greek: We discovered sex!!
the Italian: And we introduced it to women!!

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A Muslim was sat next to an Australian on an airplane. After the plane had taken off the air hostess came over and asked for drinks orders.
The Australian orders Jack Daniels and coke.
The air hostess asks the Muslim if he too would like a drink?
Looking at the Australians drink, the Muslim replies in disgust, "I would rather be savagely raped by a dozen whores and had my head shoved up a sheep's arsehole, than let liquor pass my lips!"
The Aussie passes the drink back to the air hostess and says, "Strewth, I didn't know we had a choice!"

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- Jennifer, wanna go to my place?
- I am not Jennifer
- But I didn't ask about that...

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